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Do you know your system capability?

[fa icon="calendar'] 2018-04-04 13:00 / by Nader Talai posted in Certified Kanban Training, business agility, lean kanban

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"Medicine had been 'successfully’ practised without the knowledge of germs. In a pre-germ theory paradigm, some patients got better, some got worse and some stayed the same; in each case, some rationale could be used to explain the outcome …” (1) (2)

Doctors practised what was taught

Doctors explained what they observed through practice using models that they learnt: Bad air, Contact, Generated by the body.

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Five steps to improve your system of work

[fa icon="calendar'] 2018-03-22 12:30 / by Nader Talai posted in faster organisation, business agility, lean kanban

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Follow these five steps to improve your system of work 

1 Understand the end to end system of the value flow to the customer

    • Study how the flow of work and visualise your work and map the flow
    • Run the map, watch work items flow through the map
    • Limit the number of tokens

2 Understand the system capabilities

    • Types of work
    • System lead time for fulfilling each type of work
    • Arrival rate for each type of work
    • Departure rate for each type of work
    • Failure demand for each type of work, demand caused by failure to do something or to do something right for the customer – John Seddon

3 Understand your system variability

    • For each type of work, measure
    • Common cause variation, act on the system to change the common cause variation
    • Assignable cause variation, act on the cause to remove assignable cause variation

4 Measure the flow efficiency for each type of work

    • Measure the flow of each major knowledge discovery step

5 Purposeful change

    • understand the root causes of the failure demand and tackle them
    • Use the arrival, departure rate and the flow efficiency to target your improvement efforts and achieve better results for your investment
    • Evolve your system of work and improve your system of work


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Become a Kanban Management Professional in May 2018

[fa icon="calendar'] 2018-02-20 11:03 / by Agnes Sellgren posted in kanban, lean kanban

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Our Kanban Management Professional course is coming up this May between the 14th-17th of May. Nader Talai will take you through Systems Thinking Approach to Implementing Kanban Lean-Kanban, Approach to Change Management and much more. 

 See the full course description here.

This course is relevant to everyone involved in services delivery and management. Such as: 

  • Managers
  • Delivery Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Product Designers
  • Software Product Developers
  • Delivery team members (Test specialist, Business Analysts, Administrators)

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Some of our old attendees left some comments about the previous courses, you can see them here below.



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