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Do you know your system capability?

[fa icon="calendar'] 2018-04-04 13:00 / by Nader Talai posted in Certified Kanban Training, business agility, lean kanban

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"Medicine had been 'successfully’ practised without the knowledge of germs. In a pre-germ theory paradigm, some patients got better, some got worse and some stayed the same; in each case, some rationale could be used to explain the outcome …” (1) (2)

Doctors practised what was taught

Doctors explained what they observed through practice using models that they learnt: Bad air, Contact, Generated by the body.

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CASE REPORT: Scrum to Kanban #LonLWS

[fa icon="calendar'] 2017-06-13 22:15 / by Nader Talai posted in kanban, Certified Kanban Training

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Updated post meetup.

In this case report, Josh outlined the key reasons global digital products company Tigerspike decided to make the change from Scrum to Kanban mid-flight, what the client reaction was, major lessons learnt and of course whether or not it was a good move overall.

London Limited WIP Society Meetup

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