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John Coleman

John Coleman has been knocking around with agility since 2004, starting with a mission critical piece of work back then against advice and taking on ever more scary work since then :). A speaker, consultant, coach and trainer on all sorts of agility.

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Nexus, Nexus+ exoskeletons of Scrum (case study links added)

[fa icon="calendar'] 2017-04-05 08:00 / by John Coleman posted in Growing Agility

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Richard Grant

I use I am the Change; it's a meta-framework and a set of patterns for agility transformations.

I develop agility change chefs so I leave a legacy long after I leave the building. When I partner with organizations to grow good agility, the agility transformation work, hopefully, the first and last for the organization , starts with purpose, beliefs & supported behaviours, understanding, and realistic desired outcomes over a 6-12 month period. Beliefs, supported behaviours, structure & financial models feed methods choice, if the organization decides it needs methods that are supported over going off-piste (big if). Methods choice causes new problems. Nexus is one potential solution to the problem of synchronizing work for 3-9 Scrum teams while avoiding the need for post-sprint integration work.

Many would say there is no need for any more frameworks. I call that black and white thinking. I simply ask my clients when we go over 3 teams per product, "how will we synchronize the work?", after first educating them on some of the options including:

  • no pattern at all
  • Scouts and Champions,  a network effect 
  • Nexus and Nexus+ 
  • LeSS and LeSS Huge
  • Scaled Agile Framework - see my previous post When is SAFe safe?
  • etc.

If using a pattern, I prefer to  use  a pattern that is supported over going completely off-piste (unless the organization has the wherewithal internally and is genuinely staying true to good agility).  And I don't like to see a pattern diluted.

Nexus, at the core of Scaled Professional Scrum, was published by Ken Schwaber and Scrum.org in 2015.  I made the mistake for some time of thinking that Jeff Sutherland also published Nexus but Jeff Sutherland did not. Jeff Sutherland's modular Scrum at Scale™ framework is about guidance.  Nexus and Scaled Professional Scrum were collaboratively developed by Ken Schwaber, David Dame, Richard Hundhausen, Patricia Kong, Rob Maher, Steve Porter, Christina Schwaber, and Gunther Verheyen.

To understand more about Nexus, check out the Nexus Guide under Resources as www.scrum.org and Simon Kneafsey's post about Nexus+.

Ken Schwaber and Roman Pichler taught my Certified Scrum Master course in June 2006. I had been playing with Scrum before then but I clearly remember my road to Damascus moment that 2nd day in London, UK. I was living in Ireland then.

I also play a  "Nexus game" at my Scrum training days, to see Nexus in action every few weeks, and I try different variations to try to make it fail. I am curious to know the weakness of all patterns, including my own. 

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Nexus with a twist

The Nexus format in this post is essentially the same as normal Nexus with additions of Kanban or The Lean Startup in "sprints". The Nexus Integration Team(NIT) is accountable for minimizing dependencies across all teams in the Nexus, and is accountable for a combined potentially shippable increment. I jokingly called it "KanScrumUp". So it's Nexus with some tweaks. So perhaps this is not a fair account on Nexus.

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"I am the Change" for Growing Agility and Agility Transformability

[fa icon="calendar'] 2017-03-13 08:00 / by John Coleman posted in Growing Agility

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“Try, fail, learn” - Sir James Dyson

Fail well, avail of opportunities for learning. It’s a bit scary being so transparent, but hopefully rewarding in the long term.

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When is SAFe® safe?

[fa icon="calendar'] 2016-11-24 11:39 / by John Coleman posted in Scaled Agile Framework

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