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Kanbaning your Scrum

Trust, transparency and technology

Resist jumping into delivery

Scaled Agile Framework®, Innovation and Planning Iteration

Why leaders need to learn the Kanban Method?

Scaled Agile Framework®, Program Board

Do you know your system capability?

Five steps to improve your system of work

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) at a glance

Are your actions coherent with your strategy?

Become a Kanban Management Professional in May 2018

Portfolio Kanban: When It’s Time to Scale Up


Stop project teams

Improvement Board

Become a Kanban Management Professional in December

Visualise The Value Streams

Five reasons why you may want to consider SAFe® for your organisation

Agile Cincinnati 2017

Look familiar? #advanced

How to use WIP to pull work?

Become a Kanban Management Professional in October

Is your service delivery predictable?

#less2017 #advanced LeSS Case Studies

Do you believe this chart?

When should we start?

#less2017 Did you know you can do a Scrum test and a LeSS test at Less.works?

LeSS conference 13-14 September 2017

How To Map The Sources of Demand

Feeling blocked ? Try a Systems Thinking Workshop

Agility Chefs (ACe) - flipping the system and changing the game

CASE REPORT: Scrum to Kanban #LonLWS

One piece flow, flow efficiency, resource efficiency

Become a Kanban Management Professional in June

Teaching people new tricks is not just about educating.

How to tell if Faster Organisation is for you

Flow Efficiency

Perfection Game Feedback

Learning organisation, Faster organisation

Mapping your work as a Kanban system #LonLWS

50 light-bulb moments at Certified Large Scale Scrum Practitioner training

Kanban Method General Practices

Delivering IT projects, on time, on value, on budget

Kanban Method Service Delivery Principles

Nexus and Nexus+ at an international payments company

London Lean Kanban Day 2017

Nexus and Nexus+ at a European bank

Nexus, Nexus+ exoskeletons of Scrum (case study links added)

"I am the Change" for Growing Agility and Agility Transformability

Kanban Change Management Principles

Kanban Service Delivery

What's really slowing you down, and how to visualise the value flow?

When is SAFe® safe?

What does it take to have a successful sprint planning?

Now we are agile we don't need to ...