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Five steps to improve your system of work

[fa icon="calendar'] 2018-03-22 12:30 / by Nader Talai posted in faster organisation, business agility, lean kanban

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Follow these five steps to improve your system of work 

1 Understand the end to end system of the value flow to the customer

    • Study how the flow of work and visualise your work and map the flow
    • Run the map, watch work items flow through the map
    • Limit the number of tokens

2 Understand the system capabilities

    • Types of work
    • System lead time for fulfilling each type of work
    • Arrival rate for each type of work
    • Departure rate for each type of work
    • Failure demand for each type of work, demand caused by failure to do something or to do something right for the customer – John Seddon

3 Understand your system variability

    • For each type of work, measure
    • Common cause variation, act on the system to change the common cause variation
    • Assignable cause variation, act on the cause to remove assignable cause variation

4 Measure the flow efficiency for each type of work

    • Measure the flow of each major knowledge discovery step

5 Purposeful change

    • understand the root causes of the failure demand and tackle them
    • Use the arrival, departure rate and the flow efficiency to target your improvement efforts and achieve better results for your investment
    • Evolve your system of work and improve your system of work


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The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) at a glance

[fa icon="calendar'] 2018-03-15 12:30 / by Nader Talai posted in Scaled Agile Framework, SAFe

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Developed by Dean Leffingwell, the Scaled Agile Framework is a structured and prescriptive framework that helps organisations on their agility journey.

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Are your actions coherent with your strategy?

[fa icon="calendar'] 2018-03-06 13:00 / by Nader Talai posted in business agility

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Become a Kanban Management Professional in May 2018

[fa icon="calendar'] 2018-02-20 11:03 / by Agnes Sellgren posted in kanban, lean kanban

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Our Kanban Management Professional course is coming up this May between the 14th-17th of May. Nader Talai will take you through Systems Thinking Approach to Implementing Kanban Lean-Kanban, Approach to Change Management and much more. 

 See the full course description here.

This course is relevant to everyone involved in services delivery and management. Such as: 

  • Managers
  • Delivery Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Product Designers
  • Software Product Developers
  • Delivery team members (Test specialist, Business Analysts, Administrators)

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Some of our old attendees left some comments about the previous courses, you can see them here below.



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Portfolio Kanban: When It’s Time to Scale Up

[fa icon="calendar'] 2018-02-07 14:08 / by Agnes Sellgren posted in kanban, Growing Agility, podcast

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"Let me introduce you to Portfolio Kanban."

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[fa icon="calendar'] 2017-12-19 10:18 / by Nader Talai posted in Scaled Agile Framework, faster organisation, business agility, beyond budgeting

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We talk a lot about self-organisation, autonomy and empowerment. While this is a good start it is not sufficient to achieve the organisational goals and deliver the agility that the organisation is after.

Agile teams will learn and improve how they deliver their work through increasing the number of feedback loops, shortening the time to feedback, transparency of how they work and what they work on built on frequent inspection and adaptation.

Photo by Ethan Sykes on Unsplash

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Stop project teams

[fa icon="calendar'] 2017-11-29 13:20 / by Nader Talai

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Stop project teams

Projects have been the funding vehicle and still are for many organisations this model is based on taking people to work who come together and deliver the project and go back to the pool of available specialists.

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Improvement Board

[fa icon="calendar'] 2017-11-22 08:40 / by Nader Talai posted in improvement board, delivery rate, lean

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I was helping a client last year after working with the departmental transformation leader who was sceptical about how the lean and agile approaches can help the department to improve. He set me a challenge to work with one of their teams.

Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

I didn't know that he picked their most agile team and the director of that team had even less interest in engaging and learning as he was very successful and his team was too. This reminded me of Chris Argyris work and this HBR article Teaching Smart People How To Learn. 

I interviewed the people in his team face to face and over the phone as we were geographically dispersed across three different time zones. This team developed analysis engine. During the interviews, the code review kept coming up as a key source of dissatisfaction.

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Become a Kanban Management Professional in December

[fa icon="calendar'] 2017-11-20 07:34 / by Nader Talai posted in kanban

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We offer a range of organisational agility training to enable organisations to accelerate their agility journey.  Our agility training is designed to support teams, managers and leaders and ensures they have a sure start.

Become a Kanban Management Professional with Value Glide

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Visualise The Value Streams

[fa icon="calendar'] 2017-11-14 13:10 / by Nader Talai posted in flow efficiency, faster organisation, customer centric

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Why worry about value streams?


Photo by Mike Wilson on Unsplash

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Five reasons why you may want to consider SAFe® for your organisation

[fa icon="calendar'] 2017-10-11 14:09 / by Nader Talai posted in Scaled Agile Framework, SAFe

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Business agility requires the coordination and synchronisation across many teams aligned across the value stream. Scaled Agile framework, SAFe® provides a framework for enabling team of teams to align and deliver the organisation's strategy.

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